Current Lab Members

johannes schul Dr. Johannes Schul
Professor and Principal Investigator

207a Tucker Hall
(573) 882-3480

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s-bush Dr. Sarah Bush
Associate Teaching Professor

115c Tucker Hall
(573) 882-1549

m-murphy Megan Murphy
Ph.D. student

204 Tucker Hall
(573) 882-1080
mamyd9@mail.missouri.eduEvolution of female preferences in Neoconocephalus

n-harness Nathan Harness
Ph.D. student

204 Tucker Hall
(573) 882-1080
nchggb@mail.missouri.eduDiversity of acoustic communication in Conocephalus and Orchelimum katydids

l-johnson Leusoni Johnson
Ph.D. student

204 Tucker Hall
(573) 882-1080

g-ney Gideon Ney
Ph.D. student

204 Tucker Hall
(573) 882-1080
gdn2b3@mail.mizzou.eduPhylogeography of Neoconocephalus and Ruspolia katydids

a-scharnagl Anna Scharnagl
Ph.D. student

204 Tucker Hall
(573) 882-1080

Former Lab Members

  • Brian Barrus 2002-04: undergraduate researcher. Topic: Bat avoidance in katydids. Brian has now graduated from medical school at Penn State.
  • Oliver Beckers 2003-08: PhD student. Thesis: The evolutionary significance of developmental plasticity in the communication system of Neoconocophalus triops. Oliver is now a post doc at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
  • Katie Brueggen 2007-2010: MSc student. Katie has completed her degree and is working in Hawaii.
  • Ursula Büttner 2002: performed the research for her master’s degree from the University of Erlangen (Germany) in our lab. Thesis: The calls of five species of Neoconocephalus (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) occurring in Missouri (USA). Ursula is now pursuing her PhD in South Africa.
  • Megan Carson 2010: Missouri Academy intern. Megan has returned to the academy for her senior year.
  • Ryan Carter 2007-2009: animal caretaker. Ryan graduated from MU and is planning to attend podiatry school.
  • Joshua A. Deily 2001-05: PhD student. Thesis: Selective phonotaxis and call recognition in a group of closely related katydids of known phylogenetic relationship. Josh is now earning a pharmacy degree at Ohio State University.
  • Dr. Patrick Guerra 2009-2010: post-doctoral researcher. Patrick is now a post doc at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • Anne Harmon 2005-07: undergraduate researcher. Topic: Auditory stream segregation in an insect. Anne is working as a lab technician at the MU School of Medicine.
  • Dr. Gerlinde Höbel 2004-2005: post-doctoral researcher. Gerlinde is now an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
  • M.K. Kilmer 2006-2010: MA student. Topic: Interaction between predator detection and acoustic communication in katydids.
  • Xiang Lei Kong 2008-2009: visiting graduate student. Xiang Lei has returned to China where he is finishing his PhD.
  • Joe McCaffrey 2008-2009: post-baccalaureate research assistant. Joe is now in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Arooj Mohsin 2007-2010: undergraduate researcher. Arooj has graduated from MU and is now attending medical school.
  • Adam Patterson 2001-02: undergraduate researcher. Topic: Spectral processing in Neoconocephalus. Adam graduated from the MU School of Medicine.
  • Aurora Peck 2009: Missouri Academy intern. Aurora has graduated from the academy and is pursuing a degree in Anthropology at Beloit College.
  • Dr. Janez Presern 2009-2010: post-doctoral researcher. Janez has returned to his position in Slovakia.
  • Rachel Sheridan 2002-04: undergraduate researcher. Topic: Auditory stream segregation in katydids. Rachel is now working in a lab at Washington University.
  • Malvika Talwar 2002-2007: PhD student. Thesis: Function and evolution of the call spectrum in the katydid genus Neoconocephalus. Malvika is now teaching at East Central College.
  • Dr. Jeff Triblehorn 2007-2009: post-doctoral researcher. Topic: The neuronal basis of auditory stream segregation. Jeff is now an assistant professor at The College of Charleston.
  • Joey Tauk 2007-2008: undergradate researcher. Topic: Leader preferences in katydids are not the outcome of contra-lateral inhibition. Joey graduated from MU and is planning to attend medical school.
  • Dr. Patrick Geurra 2009-2010: post-doctoral researcher
  • Dr. Tim Ostrowski 2010-2011: post-doctoral researcher
  • G. Hartmann, 2013: MA student. Topic: Neuronal activity in the call recognizing networks in the brain of Neoconocephalus
  • Katy Frederick 2006-2013: PhD student. Thesis: Hybridization among three sibling species of Neoconocephalus