Fossil from the Burgess Shale formation

Fossil from the Burgess Shale formation

katydid nymph in a person's hand

katydid nymph

BioSci 4600 Evolution for Science Education Majors
This is an undergraduate course for students who plan to teach high school biology. The class covers the same content as the majors’ section (see below), but also includes threads about the pedagogy of evolution education and about the social controversy about evolution.

BioSci 4600 Evolution
This is an undergraduate lecture course for biology majors. It covers the major concepts of modern evolutionary biology, as well as the societal controversies about evolution and science in general. The course emphasizes student participation during class, including small group discussions, writing assignments, and quantitative problems.

BioSci 8002, 8187 Introduction to Sound
This course covers the physical basics of sound, targeted to graduate students working in bioacoustics.

Bio Sci 8440/8442 Integrative Neurosciences I + II
This is a team taught course for graduate students in all areas of neuroscience. Each instructor covers a specific topic in one or two week units. I cover membrane potentials in part 1.